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Catching Up

It has been a long, wet spring that has finally ended. The latter part of April and all of May was full of rain and thunderstorms that set the whole town of Warren back. Farmers couldn't get their crops planted, people were finding times in between rains to mow their yard, and golf just isn't as enjoyable when you have to worry about the mud and puddles. The town was set back a month and it has spent the last couple of weeks just catching up.

We figured here at Dogwood Glen that we needed to update the community on what is going on at the course! There has been a lot happening as of lately to improve your experience when you come play at Dogwood Glen. We have hired extra mowing and maintenance personnel to quickly and effectively get the jobs done. Ernie and the mowing crew have had to be careful of when and where to mow until lately. They take the condition of the course very seriously and want it to be in top shape when you play, but also have made decisions that in the long run will be better for the course and better for the overall play of the course. That has meant not mowing in places that have been too wet, waiting to reseed the dirt where it has washed out or keeping carts on the cart path for an extra period of time. That has all changed now! With the sunshine and wind here lately the course is in excellent shape and ready to handle all the golf you can give it. The crew has been able to work on our waterways and sand traps, making them look really nice and clean. They also have been able to mow and roll the grass regularly. We have been receiving multiple compliments a day on how the course is playing and how beautiful it looks. It's your turn to try it out!

Player Highlights

Last week in our Monday league Ricky Bell shot a 32 for the best score of the week. He had four birdies and no bogeys.

We had a big story a couple weeks ago when Max "The Putter" Spahr went on a hot streak on the green. He led his team to a Thursday Senior League victory with four long birdie putts. This story got so big that Nike contacted Max and asked to copy his putter. They wanted to mass produce his putter because they knew that it would be a hot seller. After much thought and negotiation, Max respectfully declined the offer so he could keep his putter special to him. 


Keep checking back for more blog posts as we look to update this every other week!


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